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Hey There!

Katherine is musical theatre performer and voice teacher based in Southern California. She is a recent graduate of Oklahoma City University, where she received her Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre. She is known for her dazzling soprano voice and always bringing kindness and a big smile with her into a room.

She got her start on stage at age 10, but prior to that she would take the opportunity to sing for anyone who would listen. You could say the world was her stage, often to her parent's embarrassment. It was always clear to them that she belonged in the spotlight.

Katherine has found her calling by making an impact through her storytelling, whether that is giving her audience a reason to smile or  making them think. Growing up as a bi-racial girl in a majority white community, she is truly passionate about making space for diversity and telling the stories of those that typically aren't on stage.

When she isn't performing, you can find Katherine reading her kindle while curled up with her cat and a cup of coffee, watching the latest period drama or rom-com, or finding a cute brunch spot.
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